Create custom-designed narratives with the new pay-monthly service 'Exposure'

If you’re looking for a more creative way to display your photographs than a Google Drive folder or a vertical Tumblr feed, then San Francisco-based startup company Elepath might have an answer for you.

Exposure is a subscription-based service for creating photo ‘narratives’, blending text narration and photographs with an intuitive designing program that allows you to drag and drop images in whatever creative arrangement you see fit.

There’s a lot more scope to be creative than many photo displaying services, with the options to feature images full bleed, overlay them with text or leave white space for paragraphs of text narration. How the story flows and the ratio of pictures to text is entirely up to you.

Image: An example of an opening to an Exposure narrative, by Keith Barney

One interesting aspect of the service is the fact that there’s no free option – while it doesn’t cost anything to try out, the cheapest long-term package will run you up $9 (£5.50) per month.

While there are plenty of other storage and photo display sites you can use for free, the owners of Exposure point out that this keeps the stories ad-free and looking exactly the way you want them.

You can see a few examples of stories people have already created, including a visit to Yosemite and six seasons with the New York High Line.

Via The Verge