Epson has picked up two accolades at this yearu2019s TIPA awards ceremony.

Epson has picked up two accolades at this year?s TIPA awards ceremony.

A panel of judges found Epson?s Stylus Pro 3800 printer the ?Best Expert Photo Printer? and its P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer the ?Best Storage Back-up in Europe.? When WDC tested the P-5000 (April 2007), its file support, 80GB capacity and large LCD, displaying clear and well-saturated colours made it stand out among the rest, with its sibling, the 40GB P-3000, coming close behind.

After the awards, Barbara Kuhr, Head of Strategic Marketing for Epson Europe said: ?Epson is dedicated to developing premium digital imaging technology for photographers, whether they are professionals or ?happy snappers?. Continuous research and development puts Epson at the forefront of innovative printing and imaging products. We are extremely proud that TIPA has recognised our commitment and our innovation in this market. The awards reinforce our commitment to provide the best quality products for our customers and show that Epson is the choice of photography professionals.?

TIPA?s annual awards are seen in the digital imaging industry as one of the most prestigious events of the year, with many winning manufacturers proudly displaying the TIPA logo on their products. Last year, Epson picked up three awards for their printing and scanning products.