'An essential piece of kit for any serious photographer'

Available from Photo Software is the latest edition of the Douglas Grey Card.
Mark II is designed to help photographers with exposure and contrast measurements, as well as colour balancing and figuring out the white balance they need for the shots.
This new version of the card has been tweaked to ‘combine the most advanced principles and materials with ease of use – right down to “one click” colour balance when using PaintShop Pro or PhotoShop.’
But to make sure that you get the most out of the card, it comes with a guide with ‘everything you will ever need to know with hints and tips on how to use the Douglas to get the best out of hand-held or TTL metering, how to improve bracketing techniques – even how to re-calibrate your meter or your exposures.’
The Grey Card Mark II is claimed to be tough enough for years of use, it is also stain-free, and so photographers can write on it using a Chinagrpah pencil or marker, and this will rub off using a mild detergent or spray cleaner.
The Douglas Mark II, like its predecessor, is compact at 210x150mm when folded but will open out to fill a 35mm camera viewfinder at 40cm with a 50mm lens.

Visit the Photo Software website for more information on how to buy this £15 card.