Rumors suggest a Nikon Android compact camera could arrive in the next few months

If rumors are to be believed, Nikon may be on the verge of releasing a new Android based compact camera. Rumors released this morning on the Nikon Rumors website suggest the model name could be the Nikon Coolpix S800 or S800C.

There’s little information at present to support the Nikon Android rumor, though there has been speculation of a 25-250mm lens and a large 3.5in OLED screen at the rear.

Likely to run Android 2.3 and support Google’s Play Apps, the camera could also support built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing images to be uploaded directly to social media channels.

The advantages that a Android camera device could offer is support for photography-related apps and in-camera post processing, much like on most smart phone devices.

This release would be significant as we’re yet to see an Android based camera from Nikon and it increases speculation as to the route Nikon may take with future compact cameras.