Casio accidentally displays adverts for dual-hinge Tryx camera in Las Vegas ahead of CES 2011

Casio has accidentally slipped information surrounding its latest camcorder, the TRYX, which was spotted on adverts displayed on the Las Vegas Convention Center ahead of CES this week. From what can be seen on the adverts the camera appears to be built with
a unique housing featuring dual hinges.

Casio accidentally displays ads of TRYX cameraAn innovative frame rotates on the camera head, allowing users to hold the camera or set it on a surface without a tripod. The second hinge connects the camera head to a display, which can be rotated 180 degrees to face the same direction as the lens to hold in front of you for a snap of yourself.

The building ads and press images do not include a list of specs or additional info such as pricing. Casio is undoubtedly planning to officially unveil the TRYX during CES.

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