Canon display new multi-purpose concept camera at EXPO 2010 Paris to shoot over 60 frames per second

This week at Canon’s EXPO event in Paris, Canon announced its new ‘concepts of
the future’ and showcased a camera capable of shooting still images at a rate
exceeding 60 frames per second.

The blogs and tweets of this camera, rumoured to have a new
8-million-pixel CMOS sensor, spread across the web yesterday but today Canon
have disappointingly stated that there are no plans to develop this ‘concept’
camera at this stage. A spokesperson for Canon UK said the camera was on show
merely as an idea, intended to illustrate what could be
achieved in the future.

Designed as light-weight and compact, the unnamed prototype
multi-purpose camera would support both video and still image capture with
ultra-high definition 4K resolution. It would have a 20x optical zoom lens with
maximum apertures ranging from f/1.8 at the wide end to f/3.8 at full

Other highlights of their imaging innovations which aim to
‘shape the future of imaging for consumer, professional, business, and
healthcare’, included a Mixed Reality concept system featuring a head-mounted
display with built-in cameras, a computer which processes video to blend real
and virtual realities, and a range of new medical imaging inventions.