Canon EOS-1D C announced alongside new cinema lenses

Canon has announced the new EOS-1D C, a DSLR focused on shooting movies rather than taking stills. With the ability to shoot at 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) the end results should be of a level able to be displayed on cinema screens.

The growing interest in video making utilizing DSLRs was, to some degree, pioneered by Canon with the EOS 5D MkII making this new release something of a continuation of the trend. The EOS-1D C can record 4K footage at 24p (24 frames per second in Progressive Scan) as well as Full HD quality (1080p) at up to 60p.

As part of the Cinema EOS range, which also offers the more standard camcorder form C300, the EOS-1D C sits separate from the traditional stills shooting models. In spite of this the EOS-1D C resembles the recently released EOS-1D X, allowing for photographers to immediately get to grips with the form factor.

The same 18.1MP full frame sensor as the EOS-1D X is used, although in order to record the 4K video the sensor is cropped to the same size as an APS-H sensor. The ISO can be boosted up to 25,600 and there’s also support for an external monitor via an SD1 port. Otherwise the specs are the same as the EOS-1D X, with a 12fps burst mode and 3.2inch LCD also present.

The EOS-1D C will be priced at £10,000 and will be released in October. Alongside the camera four 4K lenses have also been released with focal lengths of; 15.5-47mm (EF and PL mount) and 30-105mm (EF and PL mount). All four will be available in September.

Also announced was the EOS C500, which will offer similar 4k performance to the EOS-1D C, only within a more traditional camcorder form factor akin to the C300. The C500 will be expected in the fourth quarter of 2012, priced at £20,000. 

For information head to Canon’s website.