Three new LED lights offer improved submerged illumination

Cameras Underwater has released a trio of lights that are capable of lighting up a subject to achieve a far more favourable level of illumination when submerged. The Ikelight Pro-2800 Video Lite LED, Sealife SL980 and Aqua LED 800 are capable of producing some stunning results while beneath the waves, giving a digital camera a far better chance of taking a reasonable photo or movie.

The Aqua LED 800 attaches via a filter thread to a supplementary arm, with 800 lumens illumination and a 6300 Kelvin colour temperature. With a 100 minute life on lithium ion batteries the Aqua LED 800 should be perfect for lengthy swims.

The Ikelight Pro-2800 Video Lite is aimed more at more professional users, with a 2800 lumen brightness level and the ability to survive at a depth of up to 90 meters. The RRP of the Video Lite is £729.99.

Finally the SL980 is a smaller, more portable unit that offers 500 lumen in it’s standard form and up to 600 lumens via the power overdrive option, which last for around 2 minutes. The RRP price on the SL980 is £299.99.

More details on all three cameras is available via