The British Cycling Photography Competition is now accepting entries so why not get onto Facebook and submit an image. You might just win!

Are you a devoted cyclist that loves photography? If so you’ll be interested in the British Cycling photography competition that has been launched this week.

In this amazing year, British Cycling is looking to celebrate what cycling means to the people in Britain. Bike rides represent different things to different people, whether it’s the sense of freedom, the thrill of competition or simply the best way of getting from A to B.

One of the best ways to capture what cycling means to you is with your camera and each fortnight different themes will be announced via the British Cycling Facebook app. The first week’s theme is looking for images, which capture the fun, social side of riding as well as the strength and spectacle of cyclists in numbers. Did you watch any of the Olympic road races and take a shot you’re particularly proud of? If so now is the time to submit your images.

For more information on the competition and how to enter simply click here.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for that one shot, why not use this as a great excuse to venture out on a Sky Ride Local ride, which are still happening across the country. To find out more information just visit