Boasts eight hour battery life

A new MacBook Pro was the highlight of this year’s MacWorld – which is to be the last.

The 17-inch model is exciting thanks to its new built-in battery, which is claimed to deliver eight hours of use on one charge as well as 1000 recharges.

This is thanks to Apple’s new advanced chemistry and a system which intelligently monitors the system
and battery, and all this without
adding thickness, weight or cost to the MacBook Pro’s design. 

Adds Apple, ‘Depleted batteries can be replaced for $179 which
includes installation and disposal of your old battery in an
environmentally responsible manner.’

Aside from this, it features the same ‘durable and beautiful precision aluminum
unibody enclosure’ as previous models as well as a high resolution LED-backlit display and
the large glass Multi-Touch trackpad .

You also get NVIDIA graphics and the latest generation
Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor in a machine that measures just 0.98 inch and weighing 6.6 pounds, and is therefore claimed to be the world’s thinnest and lightest 17-inch notebook.

The new 17 inch MacBook Pro will be shipping at the end of January and will be available through the Apple Store for $2799.