Midweek launch planned

The Apple rumour mill spun in to full effect this week ahead of the anticipated release of the latest iPad – the iPad 2. With a press event confirmed for Wednesday 2nd March, and an invite featuring an unsubtly-hidden iPad within its design, it’s a safe bet that the latest incarnation of the device is just around the corner.


As is always the case with a large Apple launch, details of the specification of the iPad 2 have been appearing for some time now from varying sources and ‘leaks’, with Japanese blog iBlack Box even claiming to have a detailed hands-on with what it claims to be the new tablet.

Although nothing is confirmed as yet, the general consensus is that the iPad 2 will now feature at least one camera, most likely of the front-facing variety for video call and Apple’s FaceTime application, with other reports suggests a more traditional rear camera may also feature.

Photographer’s will also potentially benefit from the addition of an SD card slot to the iPad’s body – while SD card reading has been previously possible with the iPad, it was through a supplementary camera connection kit avaialble at an extra cost from Apple.

Rumours were abound that the iPad 2 was due to received an update to its screen, possibly receiving a ‘retina’ display similar to the iPhone 4, although Engadget were quick to refute these claims , once again citing ‘reliable sources’. What Engadget do confirm, however, is that the iPad 2 will benefit from more RAM and a more powerful CPU, which will definitely please power-hungry photographers.

Whenever the iPad 2 arrives, we’ll have all the news as it happens. so be sure to stay tuned come Wednesday and for a first-look as soon as we get our hands on what could be set to be the tablet of 2011.