iOS 7, Apples new operating system, is due to be released this autumn and brings with it brand new features which are said to make users photo experience much easier from start to finish.

Apple has announced the launch of a new operating system – named iOS 7 – which is due to launch later this year.

The new iOS 7 system sees a host of major updates including a fairly major overhaul of the camera functionality. It now has four

functions; still, video, panoramic (introduced on iOS 6) and the brand new

square capture mode, making it easier to frame images intended for sharing on

social media, in particular Instagram.

The camera interface is designed so it’s

easy to switch between the four capture modes, all readily available above the

capture button.

Apple iOS 7 square capture mode

There are also brand new filters to use on your

pictures before uploading them to your social media site that have very similar

effects to those on Instagram.

There are two added benefits of using the filters on

iOS 7 instead of Instagram. Firstly, the user is able to preview their image in

all 8 filters in one go, making the process of choosing what filter to use much

simpler. Secondly, if you change your mind after applying the filter, it can

still be changed or taken off all together.

‘Camera Roll’ overhaul

The new Photos app replaces the traditional ‘Camera

Roll’, a change that some would argue has been long overdue. The new Photos app automatically

organises pictures by attributing the time and place to each photograph. This

organisation is a huge step forward from the old ‘Camera Roll’ view and no

doubt will make the lives of people who take a lot of images easier. However,

if you’re a user who likes the ‘Camera Roll’ view of images, this option will

still be available.

The organisation is broken down into, on a macro level,

the year they were taken. The user is then able to go into that year and view

their images by ‘Collections’. So, for example, images that were taken during a

holiday. This is then broken down even further in to ‘Moments’, such as

a trip to the beach on that particular holiday.

Apple iOS 7 Camera Roll and Features

‘AirDrop’ functionality

Sharing images has also been made a lot easier,

firstly with the brand new function ‘AirDrop‘. Any app that supports sharing

will include ‘AirDrop‘; a function that recognises friends around you and

automatically shows them on your sharing page. All it takes is a tap on screen

and the image/images will be instantly shared with them.

The second way in which images have been made easier

to share are the sharing streams on iCloud. These are streams that are accessible

to anyone you want to share them with and are not new but the iOS 7 will be

able to easily access them and share the photos you’ve taken in camera. This is

done by putting iCloud on the sharing page with AirDrop, and of course,

Facebook, Twitter and email.

Apple iOS 7 Air Drop

Overall it seems that Apple have strived to make the

whole photography interface and experience more organised and user friendly,

from capture to sharing. Check back here in the autumn when iOS 7 is released

for our full review on all the photo functions in the new system.

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