Take a look at this rapid-fire piece of animation, featuring all the filters from Photoshop CS5

something interesting – a clever animated video tribute to Photoshop
CS5 from filmmakers ‘Device‘. The film uses the Photoshop logo as a
starting point and applies each of the program’s filters to it in turn,
with increasing heaviness.

Blending all the filters together in a continuous, rapid-fire animation, the overall effect is disarming but strangely mesmerising (though the flashing lights that kick in near the end might take you by surprise if you’re not careful). The soundtrack is composed of a single sound that has been distorted in different ways, designed to mirror and complement the visual effects of the filters.

the video above to view. The filmmakers have thoughtfully provided a breakdown on their
Tumblr featuring animated GIF images of each individual filter
animation, which you can find here.

Seeing the Photoshop CS5 filters in action inspires a bit of a trip down memory lane, even if it was only a few years ago. In our review back in 2010, Matt Tuffin praised the new features like Content Aware Fill and Refine Edge – features that feel fairly standard to us now.

You can find out more about Device at their Facebook page.