Adobe Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9 are the latest products to be announced at this year’s Photokina trade show.

The latest version of the popular editing program extends its feature set further and now, for the first time, offers full packages for both PC and Mac. Though Mac users could by versions of previous editions of Elements, this is the first time that it has been (more or less) identical to the PC release and, for the first time, Premiere Elements comes to the Mac too.

The Organizer (now also on the Mac version) features easy sharing options to sites such as Flickr and Facebook, scaling images prior to upload for quicker data transfer. Within the image editing the Guided edits have been expanded upon to include not only useful processes such as adjusting levels but also a range of ‘fun edits’, such as a reflection and a Pop Art feature.

Elements now also features full layer mask functionality for the first time. The content aware fill technology, as seen in CS5, has been added to the Heal brush, while the panorama photo merge also uses it to fill in details at the edge of the frame. The new Photo Merge Style Match can also match tone and colours from other images to give a specific style or effect.

Premiere Elements, the video editing side, is full HD compatible with all the latest Codecs and allows smooth playback full screen. New audio adjustments have been added to the bulging range of features and effects seen on the previous version. It features full timeline editing for precise cutting or content-intelligent modes such as smart trim and smart mix for quick edits. Elements and Premiere Elements 9 are available for £77 each or £116 as a bundle.

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