Friends or family got their hands on an iPhone 5s? If you're stuck for what else to get them this year, here are six great accessories to improve their phone photography

The world is currently busy getting to grips with the iPhone 5s, the successor to the most popular camera on Flickr and Instagram.

With Christmas fast approaching, here are some great gift ideas for the photographer who has just introduced an iPhone 5s into their life (or, if you’ve been good this year, something to put on your own list).

Olloclip 3-in-one

Olliclip recently announced that its terrific three-in-one lens gadget is now compatible with the iPhone 5s. A macro, a wide-angle and a fisheye lens all in one incredibly small package that clips right onto the iPhone 5s camera. Available for £59 from

Gorillapod Griptight

A phone may be lighter than a camera but it’s still a challenge to hold one steady. Joby’s Griptight Gorillapod provides a secure spring-loaded mount for an iPhone on top of its flexible tripod that clings on to just about anything (you can even get a magnetic one, if that’s your bag). Currently £25 from John Lewis, see it in action at

Apple iPhone 5s cases

If you’ve got a friend who is, shall we say, prone to dropping things, one of Apple’s iPhone 5s cases may suit him or her nicely. Available in a range of colours, the leather cases protect the phone from scratches and bumps and look rather stylish along with it. Available at the iTunes store, priced £35.

Photojojo Pocket Reflector

And they do mean pocket. This nifty 12in reflector from Photojojo folds up to about the size of a phone and is a fantastic, portable way to get a little soft light into an impromptu portrait. It’s $15 (£9.26) from the PhotoJojo store, and fits right into a stocking…


Triggertrap, the remote triggering specialists, just revamped their mobile app, and if you know someone toting both a new iPhone and a digital camera, a Triggertrap mobile dongle would be a fantastic gift to marry the two. The dongles are compatible with a huge range of cameras and allow a raft of clever and creative remote triggering options. A dongle and cable will run you up about $30 (£18.51), check Triggertrap’s site for the list of compatible cameras.

Photojojo iPhone Wrist Strap

Another one for the droppers – keep the shiny new iPhone firmly away from the floor with another clever little invention from Photojojo. Clip it onto the phone via an aluminium bracket on the bottom and you’ve suddenly got yourself one less thing to worry about. $35 (£21.60) on the Photojojo site.