We take a look at the best Wi-fi cameras available today

As photographers we all like to work as fast and efficiently as
possible. Nobody enjoys anything that slows down us down, whether it’s
at the shooting stage or when we’re transferring images. There are
ever-increasing amount of cameras offering some form of alternative
connectivity to make uploading and viewing faster and more intuitive,
with Wi-fi cameras fast becoming a popular way of getting our images
online and available to see by the world in an instant. Here we take an overview of the most popular Wi-fi cameras available in the market.

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Wi-Fi and NFC enabled cameras

Canon EOS 6D – £2199

The Canon EOS 6D is the first DSLR of its kind to feature Wi-fi connectivity. It can transfer images between other Canon Wi-fi cameras, connect to a smart phone, print to a Wi-fi printer, connect or connect to a web service. Alternatively, the EOS Remote app can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet for free, opening up wireless shooting possibilities, both indoors and outdoors.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera – £389

The Samsung Galaxy camera has Wi-Fi and 3G technology built in, allowing you to share shots in an instant without being dependent on a smart phone or tablet to make a connection to the internet. What’s more, you have the option of being able to download additional apps, such as Instagram, which allow you to produce many more creative effects in-camera in an instant.

Nikon Coolpix S800c – £219

Equipped with Android OS and Wi-Fi, the Nikon S800c lets you download the latest photo apps from Google Play and connect to the internet via Wi-Fi so you can share directly to a smart phone, tablet or social media channel. What’s more, it features built-in GPS to geotag your images with location data, which may be useful for those who like to travel and record where shots are taken.

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Samsung NX300 – £599

Samsung’s flagship Compact System Camera boasts Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity options. With Samsung’s MobileLink technology it’s possible to send an image or an album directly to an Android smart phone, iPhone or tablet. Adding to this, the Samsung Smart Camera App can also be downloaded to your mobile device, which will allow you to take control of the camera settings,
or fire the shutter remotely.

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Panasonic Lumix TZ40 – £329

Designed for travel photographers who’d like a long zoom, the TZ40 boasts Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity options. After installing the Panasonic Image App to an iOS or Android mobile device, the TZ40 can be controlled remotely in Live Control mode and images can be played back or deleted. It’s also possible to switch between still and movie recording by using your smart phone or tablet in tandem.

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Nikon D3200 – £429

Nikon’s entry-level DSLR – the D3200 doesn’t feature Wi-Fi built-in, but it is capable of wireless image transfer with Nikon’s WU-1a wireless mobile adapter that’s sold seperately for £49. After plugging this small unit into the side of the camera, you’ll want to install the free Wireless Mobile Utility app which will give you the control you need to operate the camera, or view your images on an iOS or Android mobile device.

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NFC Connectivity

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