This week's news in a handy bulletin

It’s been a relatively quiet week in photography, mainly because we’re all still buzzing about the news that Sony’s heading into the hybrid camera market with the NEX-5. Beyond the first look news story we’ve also posted videos about the 14MP, 1080i HD movie-capable, ground-breaking camera, so head here if you’d like an in depth look.

Elsewhere Canon has released a new addition to the IXUS family in the shape of the 300HS. With the ability to shoot stills at a ridiculously rapid rate and capture HD video this new, stylish-looking compact looks set to challenge the recent Casio and Ricoh models offering similar functionality.

Casio hasn’t remained silent either by releasing the EX-Z350, which offers a 12MP sensor and 4x optical zoom, as well as an impressively slim body to make it suitably handbag friendly.

Two competitions were launched, one concerned with the very small, the other with much larger subjects: The Carl Zeiss nano photography competition is open to anyone with the means to take electron and ion beam photography, which will more than likely also be owners of multiple white coats, with the chance to win a very expensive pair of 3D glasses; the Travel Photography of the Year competition is, unsurprisingly, a touch less restrictive on the kit front, simply requiring that entrants go somewhere interesting and take a decent few photos. Impressive holidays and camera gear are up for grabs for the winners.

We’ve also seen the extent of the oil spillage from the Gulf of Mexico in impressive detail, thanks to Boston’s Big Photo Blog, showing just how real the dangers of this recent disaster are.

We’re expecting more launches, a new video or two and some new reviews up on the website in the very near future, so keep checking for details