A (slightly later) look at the weeks photography news

Clearly no-one told the camera industry that the World cup was on, as four cameras were launched as well as a printer, and the iPhone was finally confirmed by tech-messiah Steve Jobs. Of course the footy did makes it way into the photographic industry in at least one form; Corel released a World Cup prediction site.

Of the releases from the past week Sony’s was certainly the most surprising, putting two new DSLRs out into the wild at a time when their rivals have been a touch quiet (we’re looking at you, Nikon). The A290 and A390 are so close as to almost be brothers, with the latter offering a tilting, live view-enabled screen.

GE launched the Create, which seemed far less concerned with being a camera than a fashion accessory. Designed by Jason Wu the compact has a built in USB cable so the fashion models buying it needn’t concern themselves with keeping leads in their tiny, tiny handbags.

Casio also put out a compact, in the form of the Z670, which is a penny shy of £100 and has a 12MP sensor, 4x optical zoom and a YouTube video mode.

Finally Apple made Mac geeks almost explode with excitement by launching the iPhone 4, which offers a very high res screen and, according Steve Jobs at least, a far better camera. The lens isn’t any bigger than the miniscule one on the 3GS, but the LED flash and 5MP sensor should help out somewhat.

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