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John’s Top Composition Tips

1. Most compact digital cameras, and some SLRs, can superimpose a grid over the viewfinder or LCD screen, which can assist with composition. Some SLRs offer the option to fit optional grid screens!

2. Take time to look at all the possibilities. Selecting the right viewpoint will greatly add to your overall composition.

3. Study how other photographers, or even painters, compose their pictures. A lot can be learned from observing their techniques.

4. Chose the right lens for the subject. If your lens is too wide then you will include a lot of unwanted detail. This will ruin the composition.

5. When using framing devices such as arches or the branches of trees, make sure that they do not cast unsightly shadows.

About John Freeman
John’s clients include some of the country’s biggest companies. He has illustrated well over 100 books, covering subjects as diverse as cookery, health, travel and home interiors. He has also sold more than a million copies of his glossy photography manuals, of which he has written more than a dozen.

John also sells fine art photography from his own gallery in London’s prestigious Oxo Tower. He is fully digital, and mainly uses a Canon EOS 1DS DSLR with a variety of lenses.

John’s website can be found at:

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