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Reasons to Shoot in Raw

Chalkley always shoots Raw for optimum quality, giving his clients the option of using the shots double page in a magazine, or as part of a billboard campaign. ‘Pictures are there to be appreciated,’ he reasons. ‘You don’t want to fall into the trap, five years down the line, of opening a JPEG and finding you’ve retouched all the detail out of it. If you shot on film in 1940 and printed the pictures today you could still get fantastic quality, and I want the same from digital. I care about the pictures themselves – it’s my legacy as much as anything.’

To Dean, though, digital is just a tool to let him achieve the desired result. It’s the subject that matters. ‘What I’ve found fascinating about photography is that you can dip in and out of people’s lives,’ he enthuses. ‘And when you’re doing that with famous people you admire, it’s thrilling.’

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