And the show begins...

This morning saw what is likely to be

the biggest announcement of PMA, and it took place an hour before the

show officially opened. Sony started off their press conference with

a rather elaborate display of the all-weather functionality on their

new TX5 compact. The camera had been frozen in ice in advance and

then chiselled free before being placed into a box filled with saw

dust being blown around, then into a tank of water, before being

dropped to the ground. The press audience were finally treated to a

picture via another one of its great features the intelligent sweep

panorama. It was an impressive display from a camera that looks

almost no different from a standard compact but it was the next part

that most had come to see. This was announcement of a concept that

will become Sony’s entry into the Hybrid, Mirrorless interchangeable

lens camera category. Surprisingly they are still planning to brand

it under the alpha banner rather than differentiate it, though this

could change. It looks more compact than SLR in its styling and was

shown in a range of colours. Some other good news was that the new

sensor technology, which includes HD video will also be making its

way into some new DSLR models in the near future too, such as the

A700 replacement.

The size of things ‘state side’ can be

deceptive. Walking anywhere seems to take much longer than it should

but this is mainly as everything is out of proportion; the straight

roads are 12 lanes across and the hotels huge, so what may look like

a 5min stroll and end up a 5 mile hike. Its the same with the food –

only the very brave should try all three courses. So maybe its

fitting that in this giant location we see the announcement of a

another micro system camera, as though their size is undoubtedly

small they are definitely going to be huge in the next few years.