Review of the Velbon PHD-41Q Tripod Head

Manufacturer: Velbon
Model: PHD-41Q Tripod Head
Price: £39.99

The Velbon PHD-41Q tripod head is a three-way pan and tilt affair finished with chunky ribbed plastic handles that are easy to use, with one controlling the panning and forward tilt and the other for turning your camera on its side or levelling horizons. There’s also a quick-release plate and three bubble levels to ensure that everything’s perfectly aligned.

In use, the rearmost handle sits at a low angle so it doesn’t get in the way when you’re looking through the viewfinder, and the head design also means your camera sits about three inches back from the top of the tripod, helping to balance heavier lenses.

The head action is nice and smooth, and overall the only criticism we have is that the head attaches to a tripod using a 1⁄4in thread. A lot of tripod legs use a larger, 3/8in mount, so if you go for the PHD-41Q make sure the head fits your legs – if it does, this is a great all-round head at a keen price.

Height: 8.7cm
Weight: 430g
Max Load: Not given (2kg load not a problem)
Quick Release: Yes
Bubble Level: Yes (3)

Well thought-out and easy to use, but check it’ll fit on your tripod first


Easy to use, well designed

1/4in tripod mount thread means it won’t fit all tripods

What Digital Camera Score: 86%