Images of the Arctic environment show us what we stand to lose if global warming isn't stopped

Title: Vanishing World: The Endangered Arctic

Author: Mireille De La Lez & Fredrik Granath

ISBN: 081099464X

Publisher: Abrams

Edition: Hardback

Review: Climate change is the pressing concern of our time. Varying estimates place our life on Earth as we know it as anything from 300 years to 30 years, with each year growing hotter and hotter. The striking imagery and informed and moving text of Vanishing World: The Endangered Arctic goes an awfully long way towards hammering the message home.

While it does contain a few of the ‘poster’ images of global warming, such as polar bears isolated on ice floes, the book concentrates more on how unique the Arctic environment is – whether it be a moving portrait of mother and cub polar bears or a simple, still Arctic landscape – and what we stand to lose if nothing is done to save it. De La Lez and Granath have devoted five years to creating Vanishing World, and the message alone makes it worth every second.

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