Review of the Think Tank Change-Up

Manufacturer: Think Tank
Model: Change-Up Camera Bag
Price: £90

Relatively new bag manufacturer Think Tank is the brainchild of two photojournalists. Their ‘Design Board’ comprises 12 top pros from around the world so you’d expect them to know a thing or two about what makes a good bag.

The Change-Up is a compact model that can be worn as a shoulder bag or beltpack, with or without the optional chest harness.

In shoulder bag mode, the waist belt tucks away into a sleeve on the back. Meanwhile, in beltpack mode, the bag can be worn at the front or side, and you can use one of the two shoulder straps for light support around the neck or attach both to create a harness across the back. You can also raise the bag to ribcage height for use while sitting.

The main compartment contains a padded module that’s about the right size for a Nikon D300/Canon 5D DSLR with a decent-sized lens attached, plus a spare lens or two. There’s a full- width zipped pocket on the back and another on the front containing further organiser pockets inside (and a removable rain cover). On the outside are four stretchy pockets that can expand to take a flashgun, water bottle or phone, for example.

Small details – such as the grab handle and shoulder strap D–rings being at the back of the bag, not the middle, so they don’t interfere with access – show the thoughtful input of working pros. And it’s all made from sturdy, high-quality materials such as premium grade ballistic nylon, that are ‘environmentally benign’ (so no evil PVC).

The bag is ideal as a waistbag for travel or street photography, but
less so for bigger kits or purely as a shoulder bag, for which there
are cheaper alternatives

Versatile, compact, well made

Waist belt non-removable

What Digital Camera Score: 86%