Review of the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C902

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Model: Cyber-shot C902
Price: £free (subject to contract)

With the recent announcement of the 8.1MP C905, Sony Ericsson has made yet another leap forward in the race to dispense of compact cameras by way of integrating increasingly more sophisticated imaging devices into a conventional mobile phone handset. One of the appealing facets of Sony Ericsson is its approach to innovation – rather than solely pursue the ‘bottom line’ megapixel count, Sony Ericsson has instead added further functionality to its handsets, as can be seen in the all-singing, all-dancing C902. Sony Ericsson took a large step forward with the previously reviewed K850i, insofar as the handset featured dedicated camera operating buttons allowing quick access to functions such as scene modes and flash operation, and much the same rings true with the C902. The camera is automatically activated by opening the lens cover that’s built into the handset’s body. Once activated, touch-sensitive mode buttons illuminate upon either side of the TFT screen, again offering easy access to the focus mode, flash, scene modes and the like. This intelligent design is paired with some real technological innovation in the field of cameraphones as the C902 now comes with face-detection, image stabilisation and ‘photo fix’ technology. In addition, various web-based photo functions are also offered, such as the capacity to post directly to a blog and the ability to place the photo on a map.

Excellent design, compact-esque functionality

Images are still behind compacts, for the time being!

Our Verdict:
Overall, the C902 offers an awful lot for a cameraphone. There are, understandably, still limitations posed by the nature of the device – the C902 lacks an optical zoom of any sort and images are a touch grainy and slightly lacking in sharpness when viewed at 100% (though this is understandable considering the size of the sensor and lens). While it may not yet be time to ditch your compact, who can predict what we’ll be carrying in two years’ time?

What Digital Camera Score: 86%