Review of the Seculine ProDisk 3 in 1

Manufacturer: Seculine
Model: ProDisk 3 in 1
Price: £49.99

Automatic controls on DSLRs are great for the most part, but occasionally they may fall short interpreting the true scene in front of the lens. The white balance, for example, may be slightly off, or the exposure slightly out. Sometimes there may be a need to exactly replicate the colour of a fabric or a skin tone. While these can all be altered on the PC, getting it right first time is a better way to go.

To this end, Korean firm Seculine has produced the ProDisk 3 in 1.

It consists of three round discs, all hinged together, to provide tools to get exposure, colour and white balance right.

The first disc is a grey card, aimed at producing perfect exposures. A camera’s light meter basically works by averaging everything to an average grey tone. If you get the mid tone right, all other tones will follow. The small grey card of the ProDisk provides an exposure reference for you to meter from, though the size of it requires that you really need to meter in spot meter mode.

The second disc is the colour checker, using a Gretag Macbeth-style set of colour patches, that you can use to colour check your images and correct or calibrate your camera accurately.

Finally there’s a transclucent white balance filter, similar to the ExpoDisc that you use to manually measure and set the white balance scene for. This is a little trickier to use than the others, and generally the results are subtle, but for the nit pickers or those requiring absolute accuracy, it does the job.

The three discs are attached to a lanyard so you can wear the ProDisk around your neck for quick access, though the metal design is a bit clangy, and you may be mistaken for a Beastie Boy.

Not exactly an essential tool, but for
some people no doubt a handy one. If you really want to tighten up your
control, it offers a reasonably priced alternative to buying three
different tools.

All-in-one solution

Clunky, limited application for amateurs

What Digital Camera Score: 80%