Review of the Optech Rainsleeve

Manufacturer: Optech
Model: Rainsleeve
Price: £4.95

Designed to fit any SLR, the clear, L-shaped ‘plastic bag’ that is the Optech Rainsleeve slides over your camera, with a drawstring securing it around the end of your lens or lens hood. A ‘hole’ in the cover stretches around your viewfinder and is secured with your viewfinder surround to give you a clear view, and you can then reach up easily into the bag to operate your camera, safe in the knowledge that rain won’t stop play.

For the occasional touchline photographer at a local sporting event, or for watching wildlife in the wet, the Rainsleeve is a useful kitbag addition and – at £4.95 for two – they certainly won’t break the bank.

A cheap yet effective solution to taking pictures in the rain

Cheap and effective

Can be fiddly to attach

What Digital Camera Score: 82%