Review of the Motorola RAZR V3X mobile phone

Manufacturer: Motorola
Model: RAZR V3X
Price: Dependent on contract

More camera phones are upping the pixel count to 2MP or more, so are theoretically bringing digital photography to more people.

The camera phone revolution is also making photojournalists, or paparazzis at least, of the Great British public. Whether this is good or not, I’ll leave to you, but there’s no doubt that phonecams are here to stay, and are being used more and more as imaging tools.

The V3X is a 2MP model offering 3G capability, that is offering broader bandwidth and video calling, perfect for passing round more photos, faster.

It accepts TransFlash media for storage, up to 512MB and features a built in music player, whihc will take a wide variety of music files. An internal memory capacity of 64MB is available to get you started.

The camera is fixed focus, with two positions of landscape and macro and there’s limited basic editing software built in. The VSX has a good sized 2.2-inch colour screen beneath the clam shell design (larger than that of the Nokia N90), which is slightly draggy, but clean and bright for composing images.

Images themselves are okay for viewing on the phone, but once viewed on the computer or as a print begin to show some faults – noise, sharpness, colour – none are particularly good.

The camera is also very slow to respond, with quite horrible shutter lag. This is typical of camera phones, but this one is particularly bad. 

Not good – the shutter lag is horrific and the images are only OK for viewing on the phone

The music player and 3G connectivity

Image quality, long shutter lag

What Digital Camera Score: 79%