Review of the Lowepro Stealth Reporter D100 AW

Manufacturer: Lowepro
Model: Stealth Reporter D100 AW
Price: £60

Lowepro has more bags than Barry Norman’s eyes and the Stealth Reporter is just one from the range.

The second largest of the group, the Stealth Reporter D100 AW can hold a camera, flash and couple of lenses easily.

Also worth a mention are the secret passport pocket, the attached media card pouch, front pockets and a belt strap, shoulder strap and grab strap.

There’s also a quick access top zip and a waterproof cover for when you are braving the elements. The only thing missing is the pipes for the kitchen sink.

Everything you need in a compact bag

Holds a camera, two lenses and accessoriesbut also handy extras too

There aren’t any

What Digital Camera Score: 87%