Aimed at both enthusiast and pro photographers, Lowepro’s Inverse 100AW is a bag that deceives at first glance.....

Manufacturer: Lowepro
Model: Inverse 100AW
Price: £60

Aimed at both enthusiast and pro photographers, Lowepro’s Inverse 100AW appears as just a humble waist bag, able to fit one DSLR/lens combo and an additional lens, but in reality it offers much more than this.

Its wide, padded waist belt fits comfortably and securely, while its top may be quickly and easily opened via a double-zipped flap, with two deep dividers separating what’s inside. The underside of the flap has two compartments for storing memory cards, while two mesh pockets sit on the bag’s side. Around the front there’s an ideal space for storing a map or small book, in front of which sits a small zipped pocket for more valuable items, while two quick-release straps on the underside provide a place for a small tripod. Finally, the included all-weather protective cover may be unfurled and wrapped around the bag, in adverse conditions.

Of course, all of this comes at a cost – you can’t argue with what it offers though, and its blend of materials such as microfibre and tricot make it undeniably well constructed. You can even use the separate padded shoulder strap for greater support, which, with the all-weather covering, befits the needs of the pro on the move.

Verdict: Overall, if you only ever venture out with a lens or two, and don’t mind the waist-orientated carrying, then the bag is worth a serious look. This is even more likely to be the case if you tend to have a lot of peripherals you need to access quickly.

Lots of intuitive touches, well-constructed

A little pricey (but you get a lot for your money!)

What Digital Camera Score: 90%