Review of the Lastolite Ezybox

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: Ezybox
Price: £89.99

If you want to try your hand at professional studio lighting using your hotshoe flash, or if you want to use soft, diffused light on location, then Lastolite’s Ezybox could very well be the answer.

Like the company’s reflectors, the 40x40cm square softbox design pops open instantly when you need it, and it’s then simply a case of clipping the flash mounting bracket into place and Velcro-ing the white diffuser across the front. As there’s no need for cumbersome adaptor rings, the softbox is ready for action in seconds and, although it’s designed to be used on a lighting stand, there’s no reason why it can’t be handheld – either by yourself or by an assistant.

In use, the silver interior ensures that your flash is maximised, with only a 1⁄2 stop loss of power. Not ony that but, once your shoot is over, the four-sided design collapses flat and the whole kit fits neatly into its own carry case.

The only slight pitfall is that your flash needs to be triggered remotely, so you’ll need a sync lead and a sync socket/hotshoe adaptor, or a remote slave to trigger it using your on-camera flash.

Other: than that, the design works well: the light produced is more flattering than direct flash, and you don’t lose as much power as you would bouncing the light off a ceiling.

For wedding, portrait and fashion photography on location, there’s
no doubt that this unique accessory is a great addition to the
creative’s armoury, although it does come at a price.

Softer and more flattering light for portraiture, easy to assemble 

Flash needs to be remotely triggered

What Digital Camera Score: 85%