Review of the Kata W-92 Waist Pack

Manufacturer: Kata
Model: W-92 Waist Pack
Price: £70

Kata’s W-92 is designed to be worn around the waist – either on the front for easy access or around the back to take weight off the shoulders and upper back.

In use, the W-92 feels comfortably secure and sits at an angle that gives free access to zips and pockets.

A central main chamber is (just about) large enough to fit a consumer SLR and lens while two side drawstring pockets can store lenses, drinks and bulkier accessories.

A rain cover and shoulder strap are provided.

Measuring 42x25cm, the bag is a little bulky for smaller framed photographers, but its durable design overcomes such complaints.

Perfect for when the photographer needs to be mobile and work hands-free.

This is a nifty model for snappers who don’t need to carry much kit

Comfortable and offers easy access to kit

A little bulky

What Digital Camera Score: 84%