Review of the da Vinci Fibre Gloss

Manufacturer: da Vinci
Model: Fibre Gloss
Price: £24.98/ 25 or £48.99/ 50

Da Vinci really made its mark by being one of the first to introduce a fibre-based gloss paper that successfully emulates the look and feel of an old-fashioned fibre-based unglazed gloss darkroom paper.

Da Vinci Fibre Gloss is a neutral white paper but does not suffer from added whiteners. With a properly profiled printer, and using photo black rather than matte black ink, results really get close to the deep lustrous black and smooth grey tones of a good b&w bromide paper, but it’s also great for colour.

When printed on the R2400 there was minimal bronzing and an even shine. Prints made on a HP Pro B9180 were very good too, but the evenness of the shine was less consistent. Some samples had excessive curl, but we’re assured this was related to the earliest batches only. Free custom profiles are being offered for purchasers of this paper by the main distributor,

Number Of Sheets In Pack: 25 or 50
Cost Per Sheet: £1.00 / 25 or £0.98/ 50
Weight (gsm): 280
Surface Coat Type: Gloss
Base White: Neutral

Gets as close to the results of traditional b&w bromide paper as is possible.

Successfully emulates the look and feel of traditional darkroom paper

Excessive curl on some samples

What Digital Camera Score: 91%