Review of Camera Armor

Manufacturer: Camera Armor
Price: $49.95

As the name suggests, Camera Armor is protection for your camera against the knocks, bumps and scrapes of everyday life.

It comes in black and smoke finishes to fit the Canon EOS 30D, Nikon D70/70s and D80 DSLRs.

The thick silicone rubber skin encases your DSLR (with flaps so you can still get to your card slots and battery) and a hard, clear plastic screen ‘armour-plates’ your LCD. Yet while the 3mm thick rubberised armour certainly adds impact protection, it does affect the handling slightly, with the added thickness easily making an already ‘chunky’ camera such as the 30D overly bulky.

You also need to be completely au fait with your camera’s controls as the armour covers most control points. While the added dust protection is welcome, you can’t see the buttons through the tinted skin. Also, while there’s embossed lettering telling you what’s what, it’s the same colour as the armour so isn’t easy to read.

If you regularly run around with a couple of DSLRs clattering together then Camera Armor is a good idea, and it will help protect your kit. Unfortunately, for general use I have to say I find it more of a hindrance than a help and with a single DSLR and a kit bag it isn’t that necessary either.

It’s a good idea but can be more of a hindrance than a help when shooting

Protects your kit against knocks and bumps

Hard to see your controls and impedes shooting

What Digital Camera Score: 65%