At the time of writing the Canon Powershot G15 can be bought for around £499 online, whereas the Canon PowerShot G1 X costs about £20 more. The reason why the prices are so similar, despite the G1 X being the more premium model, is that the G15 is still new and we’re yet to see the price drop after its launch. To give you some idea of how the G1 X’s price has reduced, it can now be picked up for around £180 cheaper than when it was released in January 2012. If the G15 follows at the same rate of depreciation as the G1 X, expect it to cost around £340 by May or June next year.

Canon PowerShot G1 X review video.

Which camera you choose depends at lot on what you’re looking for from a compact. The G1 X is designed for enthusiasts who want the spec and similar image quality of an APS-C DSLR with the benefit of it being smaller, lighter and more convenient. Compared to the G15’s 12.1MP sensor, which has physical dimensions of 7.4×5.6mm, the G1 X’s imaging sensor is larger (18.7×14.0mm), helping it to produce better detail and perform better at higher ISOs.

Canon PowerShot G15 review video.

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