Canon EOS 6D vs. Nikon D600 ? Verdict

Canon EOS 6D


  • Excellent image quality

  • Impressive screen

  • Built-in Wi-fi


  • Only one cross-type AF point

  • No pop-up flash

  •  Single SD card slot

Nikon D600


  • Excellent image quality

  • 39-point AF system

  • Feature set


  • No aperture control during video capture

  • Screen could be sharper

If you’re an owner of a APS-C based DSLR thinking of upgrading to either one of these models, then you won’t be disappointed with the results they are capable of achieving – but which one do you go for?

Each camera has its own set of advantages and disadvantages compared to its rival. While the Canon EOS 6D has a slightly more satisfying hold, a broader ISO range, aperture control during video, built-in Wi-fi and a sharp and crisp display, the Nikon D600 has the stronger all-round feature set. This includes an advanced 39-point AF system, dual card slots, built-in flash, 100% viewfinder coverage and slightly quicker burst shooting.

The rear screen could be better though, while the inability to control aperture during video capture should deter videographers, while the Canon EOS 6D‘s 11-point system seems out of sync with a camera of this class.

When it comes to image quality, both deliver stunningly detailed images that will allow you to produce high-quality, large prints. Technical testing though reveals that the Nikon D600 has the edge here ever so slightly when it comes to the ultimate detail rendered and ISO performance.

On balance then, especially when you factor in the price, the Nikon D600 just edges it here out of the two, so is a natural choice for Nikon DX-format DSLR owners as well as those shooting with other systems looking to make the jump to full frame. That’s not to say existing Canon DSLRs who are looking for a full frame option should offload all their kit and swap to the Nikon D600 as there really is very little to separate them, and both are excellent DSLRs.

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