Snapseed is a great iPhone app from Nik Software, 
the people behind professional image-editing software and photoshop plug-ins such as Silver Efex Pro.

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The app provides a range of photo-editing features, from the usual cropping and contrast adjustments and image sharpening right through to special processing effects such as vintage and distressed looks and even tilt/shift effects.

Either import an image from your library or shoot one, and once you’ve got your picture you then select the tool from the bottom. Most of the tools have sub-sets which are accessed by pressing the screen and swiping up and down through a pop-up menu, while the effects are adjusted in strength by swiping left to right. It’s a simple system that works well and of course you can apply multiple effects.

Whether you just want to fine-tune your shots or produce something arty, Snapseed does it extremely well, and once finished you can save the picture, email it or post it to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Highly recommended. Android version released soon…