50 iconic images from some of the world's greatest photographer, accompanied by 100 words on what photography means to them

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Photography in 100 words


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Title: Photography in 100 words

Author: David Clark

ISBN: 978-1-90253-857-0

Publisher: Argentum

Edition: Hardback

Review: The concept of this book is simple. Fifty of the world’s top photographers, each one on a double page spread, with one of their most famous images on one page, and a short but interesting interview on the other. Clark then chooses two words from each interview which he feels encapsulates their philosophy, and highlights them in bold, building up to the 100 words of the book’s title. A photographers’ thesaurus, if you will. An unnecessary gimmick, perhaps, but the conceit probably made an intriguing bait with which to lure his subjects. And what a roster: Bailey, Lanting, Bloom, Parr, Swannell, Dan Chung, Elliot Erwitt, Tom Stoddart.

Most of my favourites are here, covering every genre from wildlife to photojournalism to fashion to fine art. It’s a great introduction to who’s hot in photography and why – perhaps he should have named it ‘Now That’s What I Call Photography’. What Digital Camera Score: 90%