Billed as 'not a book of pictures, but a book of ideas', Things is aimed at helping you get more from your photography

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Photo Index: Things


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Title: Photo Index: Things

Author: Jim Krause

ISBN: 978-1-60061-044-8

Publisher: How Books


Review: There are times in every photographer’s life where them find themselves bereft of ideas. When this stagnant period occurs, inspiration can often be hard to come by. Some take long walks through unfamiliar pastures, while others revisit old images and try and find a new angle from them. One of the best options, however, is a good photography book, such as Jim Krause’s Things.

Billed as ‘not a book of pictures, but a book of ideas,’ Things offers a collection of images spaced over 19 abnormal chapters. Titles and subject matter range from the more normal Close Up and Creatures through to the more abstract Shadowy World and Metaphor and Suggestion. The images throughout the title aren’t to the highest standard, though this gives them an air of attainability that aids inspiration, and while some of the chapters and post-production advice may be slightly obscure, this is sometimes what you need to make you think outside of the box. Overall, a good title for those stuck in a photographic rut. What Digital Camera Score: 84%