Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal II flash diffuser review

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Overall score:87%


  • Unique design, very natural results


  • Almost too natural at times


Lightsphere Universal II

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Anyone serious about flash photography – especially for portrait work – should own at least one flash diffuser. After all, direct flash, even that from your camera’s own built-in flash, can be a little harsh for people shots. The Gary Fong Lightsphere sits on top of your flashgun with the head pointing upwards, and bounces the light back down and out sideways in all directions, while also allowing some to escape upwards. The result is that light is more evenly spread and diffused; instead of looking like a direct flash shot it looks as if the shot was taken in natural light.

There are several sizes of the Lightsphere to fit different flash models and it attaches using a strong rubber band and Velcro strap combination, which is impressively secure once on. 

Some users may actually find the Lightsphere’s coverage too even for some situations, but by pointing the flash head forward, it is possible to achieve a more directional diffused light, as given by more traditional diffusers.


Results are impressive on the whole, with a natural feel that makes you forgive its rather bulky size.