Digital Landscape Photography is a fresh look at current ways to shoot landscapes by making the most of digital format

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Digital Landscape Photography


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Title: Digital Landscape Photography

Author: John & Barbara Gerlach

ISBN: 978-0-240-81093-5

Publisher: Focal Press


Review: You could be forgiven for thinking that landscape photography is simply a matter of arriving at an attractive vista and pointing your camera in the right direction it is, as John and Barbara Gerlach explain, far more complex than that.

The couple have been professional photographers for more than 25 years and reside on the fringes of the Yosemite National Park, so as such are more qualified than most to comment on the subject of landscape photography. However, the couple are keen to point at that landscape photography is achievable for anyone whether you live in an area of outstanding beauty or the middle of a city.

Digital Landscape Photography guides you through the process of creating a digital landscape image, covering everything from gear, to lighting, composure and finishing on post-production. Each chapter is accompanied with stunning images compiled from the Gerlach’s travels,  and while they are frequently exotic, the techniques used to capture the images are universally applicable.

While the information contained within the chapters can be a bit scattered, lacking a concentrated form, Digital Landscape Photography is an easy read and contains more than enough information to both justify it’s price tag and, no doubt, improve your landscape photography. What Digital Camera Score: 88%