The latest in Apple's iPhone 4 series is heralded by the manufacturer as the next big step forward in mobile phone technology, but is it enough to regain Apples place at the top of the smartphone tree?

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Overall score:94%


  • Retina display, excellent design, app store


  • Lack of dedicated camera buttons on the phone’s body


Apple iPhone 4

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Apple iPhone 4 review – Value and Verdict

Apple iPhone 4 review – Value

In a first for the iPhone – and in an attempt, some say, to stop the habit of people ‘jailbreaking’ their phones in order to use them with a carrier of their choice – Apple has taken the decision to sell the device direct to the customer unlocked and unattached to any particular network. The devices are currently priced at £499 for the 16GB version, and £599 for the 32GB version: while this is no doubt expensive for a mobile phone, is it by no means extortionate for an unlocked handset, and especially one with as much hype surrounding it as the iPhone 4. Obviously, as the main function of the iPhone 4 is for making calls, it is available on a range of different networks and contracts. If you’re willing to stump up around £60 a month, over the duration of a 24 month contract you’ll be able to get your hands on one for free, though this is quite a financial undertaking.

Apple iPhone 4 review – Verdict

With the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple have opted to use the tagline of ‘This Changes Everything. Again’, and though it’s hard to agree with that statement in its entirety, there’s no doubting that the iPhone 4 has advanced mobile handset technology. As noted several times through the review, the new Retina Display is visually arresting, and a feature that will no doubt force other manufacturers to up their game. Comparing the handset to the previous version from Apple, the 3GS, then it’s fair to say that the iPhone 4 is a more than worthy upgrade and that it’s most certainly a step forward in that respect.

However, as much as Apple would like to make you think that it stands alone in the smartphone market, the fact is that it doesn’t. A lot of the new features that it’s added have been around for some time on other devices, and are in fact bettered. The 5MP camera and LED flash is relatively middle-ranked compared to Sony Ericsson’s offering, while HTC smartphones have screens up to 4.5in in size, and can offer video calling over a standard network, and as such on the go. And the final potential nail in the coffin is that, owing to the other manufacturers lacking that Apple desirability, they’re often available for much less and on cheaper contracts.

Despite all the arguments against getting the iPhone 4, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s a visually arresting handset featuring a good cameraphone specification, class-leading mutil-touchscreen, jaw-dropping design and a host of innovative features.

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