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Just as Canon’s compacts have brought simplicity and ease of use to the consumer, so has its Selphy printer range....


Our rating:  85%

Boasting a 5x zoom range and an f/2.8 maximum aperture the 12-60mm zoom looks impressive with its extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and responsive, fast-focusing Sonic-Wave Drive......


Our rating:  90%

The Panasonic Lumix LX3 review: with its wideangle lens, RAW shooting and HD video capture... is there anything the LX3 can't do?


Our rating:  91%

The Nikon D90 - the world's first DSLR with HD video functionality - offers technology borrowed from its more expensive D300 and D3 siblings at a price that will appeal…


Our rating:  91%

On paper, the focal range of this 14-42mm lens makes it just slightly less capable than the pricier 14-54mm alternative from Olympus. In practice, though, the two zooms could hardly…


Our rating:  85%

Canon’s new 18-55mm zoom is an attractive proposition thanks to its relatively cheap price and the inclusion of image stabilisation.......


Our rating:  85%

A major selling point of the Pentax W60 is that it's waterproof to four metres, yet, optically, it also competes well with unsealed compacts


Our rating:  85%

Covering both full-frame and APS-C sensors, the EF 17-40mm has proved popular with photographers since its launch – and for good reason


Our rating:  88%

This is one of two versions of this model, with the Coolpix S610c offering the option of Wi-Fi connection


Our rating:  89%

With its oft-used wedge-shaped design, the Olympus mju series has won many admirers


Our rating:  82%

The Samsung NV4 is more than a camera with a multimedia player for MP3s and video.....


Our rating:  88%

The comprehensive specification list makes this a superzoom worth looking at


Our rating:  84%

The NV40 employs Samsung’s proprietary Smart Touch interface that’s operated via a number of highly sensitive buttons placed along the vertical and horizontal edges of the LCD screen.....


Our rating:  81%

In our Olympus mju 1200 review (Olympus Stylus 1200) we test the weatherproofed Olympus mju 1200......


Our rating:  82%

How does Nikon's contender in the superzoom stakes, the P80, compare to its big lens rivals?


Our rating:  86%

The Nikon D700 seemingly adopts the D3's spec inside a D300 body, but is the Nikon D700 too good to be true and how does it compare to the D3?…


Our rating:  95%