Can this scaled-down Sony Alpha A55 be more than a miniaturized facsimile? The Sony Alpha A35 review follows...

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Sony Alpha A35

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Sony Alpha A35 Review


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Image Quality

Sony Alpha A35 review – Image Quality

With the same 16.2MP sensor as found in the A55, the A35 achieves similarly impressive results. The
sensor is paired with the Exmor processing engine and produces excellent
images overall.

Sony A35 Test shots

Although image noise is more apparent above ISO 400,
only above ISO 1600 does the colour quality degrade and speckles become
obvious enough to start to impact on images usability.

Sony A35 Test shots

and detail is excellent, once again showing off the quality of the
16.2MP sensor. Edges are well defined and although the kit lens had a
tendency to suffer from chromatic aberration a quick change to a better
optic eradicated this problem.

Sony A35 Test shots

The main negative to be noted was the
tendency of the Auto White Balance system to over-saturate when
outdoors, an issue also raised with the A55. The orange hue of a number
of photos detracted from the overall look of the image, especially where
greens are involved. Outside of the Auto White Balance issues the tonal
range is decent however.

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