The 10.2-megapixel Sony Alpha A200 replaces the two-year-old A100 with a number of subtle improvements including a larger LCD screen and increased sensitivity range.

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Sony Alpha a200

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:90%


  • Quick AF, new Fn button, noise control improvements over A100


  • Handling quirks, no major upgrades, anti-dust could be more effective


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When Sony adopted Konica Minolta’s photography arm in 2006, it pledged to continue what Konica Minolta had started. At the time, this consisted of just two DSLRs – the Dynax 5D and 7D. Nonetheless they gave Sony an ideal platform for future developments. Launching soon after the acquisition, the Sony A100 marked the beginning of the Sony Alpha range.

Designed to be faster, lighter and easier to use the Sony A200 replaces the Sony A100. Although the new model shares many similarities with its predecessor, it is said to have been influenced by its elder sibling, the Sony A700. Indeed, the design of the entire Alpha line varies in only a few areas, and as such, still bears many of the hallmarks of the original KM models from which it stems.

Arguably, the entry-level market is just as important for Sony to crack (to encourage people to buy into the Alpha system from the beginning), and with a lineage of compatible Minolta A-mount lenses, Sony is in a strong position to do so. Furthermore, the company has continued to develop its own range of lenses, as well as partnering with Carl Zeiss to produce professional-grade optics. So, what does the Sony A200 bring to the table?


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