Fujifilm's 12.5-megapixel S5 Pro digital SLR combines the extended dynamic range capabilities of Fujifilm's Super CCD SR sensor with a solid body and functions closely related to the Nikon D200.

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Overall rating:


Fujifilm S5 Pro

Overall score:88%
Image Quality:90%


  • Extended highlight detail in images, minimal chroma noise throughout ISO range, solid build.


  • Limited frame rate/buffer when using wide D-range, slightly soft JPEGs.


Fujifilm S5 Pro Review


Price as reviewed:

Since Fujifilm launched its S1 Pro way back in 2000 it has trod a somewhat different path to other DSLR manufacturers in terms of the sensors it chooses, using octagonal photodiodes instead of a conventional grid of square or rectangular ‘pixels’. The latest addition to the line up – the FinePix S5 Pro – is no different in that regard, but Fuji has developed the concept further, honing its previously seen CCD technology to ‘move away from increasing the pixel density in favour of image quality developments’.

Increasing Quality Not Pixels

This is arguably what all DSLR manufacturers should now be concentrating on – maybe holding back on cramming ever increasing numbers of ever-smaller pixels into the same surface area, in order to pursue expanded dynamic range and improved sharpness and resolution instead. But is Fujifilm really taking us into a ‘brave new world’ of image-making with the S5 Pro? Or is the company simply trying to re-invent an already established wheel?


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