The Canon EOS 1000D (Rebel XS in the US) is Canon's smallest, lightest and cheapest entry-level DSLR to date.

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Canon EOS 1000D review

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:90%


  • Consistent image quality, good noise control, size and weight, good kit lens, effective lens IS


  • Ergonomics and finish, value for money, menu infrastructure, small buffer, some WB issues


Canon EOS 1000D Review


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Fight Club - Canon EOS 1000DGiven the tried and tested formula from which the 1000D stems, it’s no surprise that it appears on the whole as a refined DSLR. The crux is, of course, image quality, and the 1000D delivers, with low noise levels, impressive detail capture and the best Canon kit lens yet. Where it fails, though, is with its ergonomics and the fact that its stripped-down feature set is eclipsed by much cheaper offerings.

So, is the EOS system still the best choice for the consumer? In some respects, yes, especially if you take advantage of its extensive lens options and need a good, general-purpose DSLR. Canon shouldn’t be resting on its laurels, though; Olympus has the smallest DSLR and lenses, Sony has the most advanced live view technology and these are factors that have found a popularity all of their own. Nevertheless, as a model in its own right it performs well, and once it falls in value we imagine its positive traits should be enough to make it another successful model for Canon.

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