The Sony NEX-6 features an excellent viewfinder, articulated LCD and wireless technology. What's not to like? What Digital Camera takes a closer look in the Sony NEX-6 review

Product Overview

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Sony NEX-6

Overall score:88%
Image Quality:85%


  • Operational speed; Fast write times; Large, bright viewfinder; Tiltable LCD; Large grip


  • Recessed buttons; Inconsistent AWB under artificial light; Lack of space between lens and grip


Sony NEX-6 Review


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Sony NEX-6 Review – Verdict

Sony NEX-6 front view

The Sony NEX-6 fills an admittedly small gap between the Sony NEX-5R and the Sony NEX-7, with the large and bright viewfinder giving it a significant advantage over its viewfinder-less rivals. At a slightly lower price NEX-7, but with a similar feature set, it’s also good value for money if you envisage using the viewfinder and/or the flip-out LCD – otherwise, there are slightly cheaper comparable options.

Its only significant issue with handling concerns the small space between the generously-proportioned grip and the lens mount.

Image quality can be excellent at times, although minor auto white balance inconsistencies, poor corner sharpness with a number of lenses and occasionally lacklustre performance with the 16-50mm power zoom lens all make themselves known.

Still, with prompt write and shot-to-shot times, as well as a competent AF system, it’s an excellent choice for situations in which rapid response is required.

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