Sony QX100 Review - The Sony QX100 was released as part of a pair of now models which, along with the Sony QX10, are aimed at transforming smartphone photography. Read our Sony QX100 review to find out whether it's successful or otherwise

Product Overview

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Sony QX100

Overall score:84%
Image Quality:90%


  • Great for inconspicuous shots; Battery indicator welcome; Image Quality


  • Lag experienced when shooting fast moving subjects; Slow to connect; No Raw support


Sony QX100 Review


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How It Works

Sony QX100 and QX10 Review – How It Works

Sony QX100 - How it works step 1

 1. Out of the box, the Lithium Ion battery needs to be inserted into the rear of the QX unit before being charged via the USB port with the supplied cable.

Sony QX100 - How it works step 2

 2. Once fully charged the orange LED will go out. Next you’ll need to insert a Micro SD card into the slot at the side – located beneath the battery on the QX10. 

Sony QX100 - How it works step 3

3. On your smartphone you’ll need to download the Sony Play Memories app, which can be found from iTunes or the Google Play store for Android devices.

Sony QX100 - How it works step 4

4. Head to the Wi-fi settings and search for the relevant QX100/QX10 network. Enter the password on the back of the battery cover and it will connect.

Sony QX100 - How it works step 5

5. Ensure the QX10/QX100 is switched on before loading the Sony Play Memories app and you’ll be greeted by a live view display of the camera.

Sony QX100 - How it works step 6

6. Use the settings icon at the bottom left of the app to customise your camera settings. Set the shooting mode from the top left and you’re ready to shoot!

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