Andy Westlake tries out an unusual compact camera with a fixed ultra-wideangle lens in his Sigma dp0 Quattro review.

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Sigma dp0 Quattro

AWB colour:80%
Dynamic Range:80%
Image Quality:80%
LCD Viewfinder:80%


Sigma dp0 Quattro review


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Sigma dp0 Quattro review – Performance

When it comes to image quality, there’s really only word to describe the dp0’s output at its best: astonishing. The lens is superb, being stunningly sharp corner-to-corner even at f/4. There’s some green and magenta fringing towards the corners of the frame in JPEGs, but it can be corrected using a single check box when converting raw files. Barely any rectilinear distortion is visible, either.

At ISO 100-200, the camera’s output is very clean and phenomenally detailed Unfortunately, it also has serious noise problems at higher settings, and by ISO 1,600 the camera’s JPEGs become practically unusable. Raw files processed in Sigma Photo Pro give much better results, but ISO 6,400 should really be avoided.

The excellent lens and Fovean Quattro sensor combine to record lots of fine detail

The excellent lens and Fovean Quattro sensor combine to record lots of fine detail

SDIM0156-v2 EDIT

The dp0 tends to give generally well-judged exposures, previewing the exposure on-screen and offering a live histogram while shooting. So when you do disagree with the camera’s opinion, it’s easy enough to apply a touch of exposure compensation using the rear command dial. Alternatively, you can switch to spot metering using the QS menu.

Colour output is generally very attractive, being rich and vibrant without erring towards the overblown. There’s plenty of options for fine-tuning colour output, too.

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